Carnaval de Platja d'Aro

The Platja d’Aro Carnival

The Platja d’Aro Carnival

For many years, the Platja D’Aro carnival has been a reference throughout the country. The Grand Parade of floats and comparsas has become the high point of an essential celebrity for not only the inhabitants of Platja D’Aro, but also for people from all corners of the world.


Carnaval de Platja d'Aro
Carnival of Platja d’Aro, view of a comparsa 

Initially inspired by the carnivals of the Swiss city of Lucerne, this carnival also stands out for the fact that the volunteers who organize it are of all ages, continuing a tradition established during the Second Republic of the last century.

For many years, the carnival has marked many generations of families and, increasingly, the popularity of this festivity has been acquiring more media weight, raising the popularity of Platja d’Aro to something more than a European tourism hub. 

Carnaval de Platja d'Aro
Carnaval de Platja d’Aro, smiling girl on the parade

Following the more traditional calendar, this celebration is usually held between Thursday Gras and Ash Wednesday. However, due to the popularity of the latter, this year’s carnival is moved forward to March 26. In order to increase the number of activities and the festive attitude of the people, a prologue to the party itself has been created and the place prepared so that, when you arrive at the great parade, no detail is left.

The Carnival 2022 parades

Starting on March 26, and ending on April 6, this year’s carnival in Platja d’Aro presents two main routes without skimping on budget. Although the Covid is still in force, this year is relatively more promising as we can get together socially to celebrate, together, the fact of being able to be on the street with a minimum of freedom.

Carnaval de Platja d'Aro
Carnaval de Platja d’Aro, comparsa on the parade

The two main activities of this 2022 Carnival in Platja D’Aro will be the following:

  • The Morning Parade

This will be held in the morning and will be on a reduced scale as a preparatory to the parade that will take place that same afternoon-evening. From the participation of the 10 “colles” of Platja d’Aro that will enliven the day with the aim of warming up for the main parade.

Due to the health situation, the parade has been moved to the 2nd of April, Saturday, trying to be able to gather as many participants as possible with the maximum security measures and safe celebration.

  • The great Carnival parade

It is a great Carnival parade, also made up of floats and troupes, is the core of the meeting of costumes and eccentric make-up. The Costa Brava dresses up, with the participation of more than 65 “colles“, which will compete in costumes, dances, floats and natural charisma, trying to get some of the main prizes of the festival.

Carnaval de Platja d'Aro
Carnaval de Platja d’Aro, group of persons on the parade

At the Hotel Bell Repòs we are also celebrating Carnival: we propose an intense weekend in the Carnival experience, starting on Friday with the night parade of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and continuing on Saturday with the parades of Platja d’Aro and Castell d ‘Aro and Santa Cristina de Aro on Sunday.

Carnaval de Platja d'Aro
Girl on the parade enjoying the Carnival

And as for Carnival anything goes, the most daring will have a prize at the Bell Repòs hotel, with a free bottle of cava in the room. We will also have a contest for a free night stay for the funniest costume that comes to pose in our Carnival photocall #carnavalbellrepos.

Carnaval de Platja d'Aro
Children having fun at the Platja d’Aro’s Carnival 

Although the Platja D’Aro festival has suffered setbacks in recent years due to a repeated pandemic, this year we will all be able to celebrate it in the best possible way!


Photos provided by the Platja d’Aro Town Hall






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