Massages arrive at the hotel Bell Repos!

What was the last time you spent some time and care for yourself?

Massages arrive at the hotel Bell Repos!

Pamper yourself!

At Hotel Bell Repòs we make it easy for you to discover and take care of your body with massages.

Take advantage of your holiday time to get a relaxing experience with our new massage service.

As day-to-day life becomes a constant source of stress and anxiety, it is important to take a moment to reconnect with yourself and disconnect.

A good massage reduces our stress levels, balances our body and mind, and fully recharges our batteries.

Choose the massage you want and let yourself be carried away by the oldest millennial healing technique in the world.

Because you deserve it and your body will appreciate it! ⁇

You can choose from this range of massages:


Massages at the hotel Bell Repos!

Relaxing massage is a manual therapy that aims to improve the well-being of the person and increase the production of endorphins in our body.

The main goal of relaxing massage is to relieve tension and achieve a state of mental relaxation, prioritizing gentle manipulations and rubbing over sudden and strong movements, reserved for therapeutic or decontracting massage.

Benefits of relaxing massage:

– reduce back and headaches

– Decrease our stress levels

– reduce blood pressure and improve circulation

– fight anxiety and depression

– promote the elimination of toxins

– decrease muscle tension and encourage flexibility

– reduce the symptoms of PMS



Massages at the hotel Bell Repos!

As its name suggests, decontracting massage is used to relax the muscles and undo the contractures caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or poor quality, or too much life. sedentary and the consequent lack of exercise.

Benefits of Massage:

– Activates blood and lymph circulation by removing toxins and oxygenating tissues

– Releases endorphins

– Relaxes and helps you fall asleep

– It promotes our nervous system

– Relieves migraines and headaches

– Decreases physical fatigue

– Removes dead skin cells

– Restores muscle elasticity and mobility

– Strengthens the immune system



Massages at the hotel Bell Repos!

Reflexology is the application of pressure to certain areas of our feet (or hands). This is a generally relaxing technique that can help reduce stress levels. The theory behind reflexology is that the areas of the foot are interrelated with the different organs and systems of our body and therefore, by manipulating these certain areas we can relieve pain in the associated body parts.



Massages at the hotel Bell Repos!

Take advantage of your stay at the hotel and share a relaxing massage as a couple in the open air, in our hotel garden, in a relaxing and intimate space in front of the gaze of others and in complete privacy with the your partner

A gift to share and also to enjoy together the pleasures of a good massatge.


# 5 STAR MASSAGE (Summer only)

Massages at the hotel Bell Repos!

Alone or accompained, have you ever had the experience of receiving a massage under the moonlight and the stars?

In a hidden corner of the garden that has a very special charm and with total privacy, under the greenery of the trees and nature enjoy a massage at night, under the light of the moon and the stars

If you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend it! … for holidays do different things!

Live new experiences and pamper yourself a little! You deserve it!

You will see that it will not leave you indifferent!

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