panneaux photovoltaïques installés

We take advantage of solar energy!

In Bell Repòs as a sustainable and eco-friendly hotel, we take advantage of solar energy!

Sustainable energies are becoming a priority when facing our present but, above all, our future. Although it is still a pending subject for many businesses and homes, from Bell Repòs Hotel, as a sustainable hotel in Platja d’Aro, in the heart of the Costa Brava, we have decided to put our grain of sand to to curb the wave of climate change and help the environment, just as we give the best experience to our customers.

Solar energy, green and renewable

We are sustainable and ecofriendly, and we believe it is the best time to explain what we base this work model on and its positive repercussions on both nature and the experience of those who come to visit us.

Bell Repos hotel, Platja d’aro


Purpose 1, of the 10 sustainable purposes of 2022

By 2022, sustainable measures have become more of a way of life than just incorporating new guidelines, which is why we presented our ten sustainable purposes for this new year earlier this year.

Now we come back to you with the news that we have already achieved our first purpose!

We already have our 52 photovoltaic panels installed and in full operation to make better use of solar energy.



We take advantage of solar energy

From the last 30/3/22 we have them connected and we can say that from now on most of our energy will come from the same star that allows us to live on this planet: the sun!

Photovoltaic panels are a method of sustainability that is becoming more common, as only excuses are made in the face of one of the greatest evidences of the 21st century: we can live just with solar energy.



The process of installing the photovoltaic panels at the Bell Repòs hotel was as follows:

We will save large CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

With this measure, we will save a total of 5,799 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, which fill us with satisfaction! What do you think about it? 🙂




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