Relax yourself!

Body massage, Foot reflexology, Holistic kinesiology, Carnial osteopathy, Chromotherapy

Body massage
Take care, for one hour, of your body muscles to relieve daily strain and stress. This massage will bring you a sense of well-being with healing and balancing oils.

Foot reflexology
Do you know that we have reflex zones on the soles of the feet which correspond to each of our organs? Imagine being able to relax with a foot massage. You will get an amazing freedom feeling.

Holistic kinesiology
If you don’t find any satisfactory solution to your problem, think about the Holistic kinesiology's muscle test. It will provide the reasons of your imbalance. Even physical, emotional, chemical or electromagnetic.

Cranial osteopathy
Daily stress can induce the muscular contraction of our body. It does not allow liquids to flow properly and to ensure a good blood, water and oxygen supply. Through listening the spine’s pulse, you will get an optimal relaxation that you have not felt since a long time.

For people who believe in the vibrations of the universe and colours, similar to those of organs and emotions. Simply. Balance and health in a moment.

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